Re: [Gimp-developer] HELP with SYMBOLIC icon theme for Gimp.


On Thu, Oct 31, 2013 at 11:31 AM, Michael Schumacher <schumaml gmx de> wrote:
On 28.10.2013 19:59, scl wrote:

in matter of the unclear license situation I asked the FSF
for clarification and like to share their answer (see below).
It's not a legal advice, but I hope it sheds us some light
on the issue.

Unfortunately your mail seems to discard the fact that the icons are run
through gdk-pixbuf-csource. So the FSF probably assumed that the icons
are included as individual files alongside the binaries.

I wonder though. Do we *have to* compile them as source files?

I mean, users can provide their own themes, thus their own icon set
too, right? And I assume these icons won't be extracted into source
files, since they are loaded at runtime. So that means the default
icons could be just provided "alongside" the binaries too, just as
third-party's are.

So why do we extract them? Is it like for some efficiency gain reason
(like the default theme would be "faster" than any third-party theme)?
I mean, there cannot possibly be that a huge gain that it is worth to
do so, compared to licensing issues.
Or is there any other reason?


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