Re: [Gimp-developer] Test some file plug-ins in master branch

Hi Mukund,

Thanks for the work done! I will run some tests too at some point... By the way, I have a pending patch related to file-bmp:

Could you please (or anyone) review it? It would be great if it could benefit from that testing moment too.



Le 2013-05-24 10:19, Mukund Sivaraman a écrit :
Hi all

The following file plug-ins have been revised to use GIMP's new API.
I feel they need more testing as the changes are intrusive and the file types can support a variety of pixel formats. I have tested these to my
satisfaction. Please test these if you can (master branch).

* file-jpeg (test loading and saving grayscale and RGB JPEG files)

* file-tiff-save (test saving grayscale, RGB and indexed TIFF files
  incl. 16-bits per channel in the case of non-indexed)

* file-ps (test saving grayscale and RGB formats)

* I have reviewed file-png's load and save code (which was revised some time back by nomis) and it seems fine to me. But please test this one
  by using it too, as it's a commonly used plug-in. Test saving
grayscale, RGB and indexed PNG files incl. 16-bits per channel in case
  of non-indexed.


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