Re: [Gimp-developer] GIMP - Installed language!

El 19/05/13 07:46, Michael Schumacher escribió:
On 19.05.2013 12:36, Mirella Istrate wrote:

Just a "stupid" question: WHY I cannot install "GIMP" in my
preferred language (English)??????? I live in this moment in
Switzerland and it
is impossible to install other as German language!!!

You can choose the language used during the install - English is
available there, as well as some others, more translations are welcome -
and you can change the language of the GIMP UI in the preferences.

Michael: That's true for Windows (I don't know if that applies to Mac too), but language can't be chosen during install in linux and GIMP will default to the system's language.

However, as you said, it's easy to change it using the preferences.

@Mirella: Are you using GIMP 2.8.x, right?

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