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I prefer if GIMP hosted your tutorials. If you are unable to host there, and if you are able to create tutorials as documents (say as ODT documents which can then easily be turned into PDF documents), I can probably add a GIMP page to my own site and host them from there. Will see if anyone from the GIMP team has a better solution for hosting. As an example, I do not host my own OpenOffice extension, it is hosted on the official site. I do host some of my own documents, but some of my documents have become part of the official OpenOffice documentation.

I am overly busy and have little time to modify my site at the moment, but I will make the time to have at least a base site that can host documents and similar. Will spend the day tomorrow teaching someone how to sharpen hand tools and then how to do hand cut dovetails... I have no shortage of hobbies it seems.

On 06/21/2013 11:11 AM, Stephen Kiel wrote:

Thanks for your reply and feedback. The answer to your first question is yes, I would like to to be able to post a tutorial or tutorials on the site or somewhere like it. I understand that the gimp-doc group might not want to post every tutorial the general public might submit, there might be a lot of repetition and the quality might not be sufficient. On the other hand, I think there are many areas where expanding the range of topics covered with tutorials or other forms of documentation could benefit Gimp.

I would be happy to write a couple of tutorials or if someone wanted to co-author the tutorials that would be fine as well. Sometimes when two people are working on documentation one person can spot what is not clear in the other person's explanation. Going back and forth can make a better end product.

The dilemma is there is no point in writing a tutorial if you don't have a venue to publish it. I do not have access to a website where I can post tutorials, and if I did I would imagine it would be so obscure no one would see it. I suspect there are other Gimp users who would be willing to share ideas but don't have a venue to publish them.

About your comments on the text, the way you specify the image type is more of a means of control rather than an issue. The attached jpegs are small shots of the menu from my automation scripts with and without an image open. The scripts that are intended to run on a directory of images are on all of the time, the scripts that are intended to run on a single file / image are grayed out (image type "*") unless an image is opened.

The four items I identified in the tutorial were things that I had to do more research on and work harder at when I wrote the scripts to automate my flow. I thought they might be good things to point out in a more advanced tutorial. The script is pretty handy, saves time, and when you get past the less commonly understood aspects it is pretty straightforward. It seemed that if the four little "tricks" were widely understood, something like this script should have been written 10 years ago (maybe it was I I just could not find it).

Anyway, thanks for the feedback.


Stephen Kiel

On Thu, Jun 20, 2013 at 2:59 PM, Andrew Douglas Pitonyak <andrew pitonyak org <mailto:andrew pitonyak org>> wrote:

    Hello Stephen,

    Disclaimer: I have no particular ability myself to integrate these..

    Having read these, I see that you have much that is useful to say.
    In other words, I found automated-jpg-to-xcf.odt to be informative.

    That said, are you saying that you would like to create content
    that is published here:

    It looks like you chose the correct lists (doc, web, and
    developer) to obtain appropriate feed back.

    I recommend (and other feedback may negate what I say) that you
    identify what you would like to have as topics in the tutorial;
    for example:

    "How to write a script that is available when an image is not open"

    I was not aware that this was an issue until I read your document.

    I expect that this tutorial would be "Change all JPG files in a
    directory to XCF".

    On 06/20/2013 02:29 PM, Stephen Kiel wrote:
    Gimp Doc Guys,

    One of the listed methods to contribute to the Gimp project,
    listed on the website, is to write a tutorial.  I tried sending
    in a tutorial for basic scripting (it was probably too long)
    about a year and a half ago.  I did not hear back, but since the
    scripting tutorial did make some improvements I hope that it did
    have some positive contribution.

    I did have another area where I thought that a few tutorials
    might be of interest and helpful to others, and that is in the
    area of Automation.  This is an area that is nearer to my
    interests anyway (closer to my career interests). I think Gimp is
    unique in its capability as a platform for automating the image
    editing process.  I am talking about Automating the process of
    custom edits not just using an "I feel lucky" button on a photo

    I think there is room in the area of automation for a couple of
    tutorials, I wrote up an example for one (importing a directory
    of images / jpg -> xcf).  I think other tutorials could cover
    reading & writing parasites, parasites as flow control variables,
    how to build & execute a recipe / process / flow.  I touched on
    these possibilities in the included file "Introduction".

    Anyway, here is my dilemma. I would be happy to write a draft for
    tutorials on some or all of these topics, or better yet,
    co-author them with a member(s) of the gimp-doc team.  I have no
    where to publish a tutorial, and it seems pointless to write
    something that no one will read.

    Take a look at the attached documents and scripts. Let me know if
    this idea is something that sounds interesting. The *.odt format
    files are open office writer format.


    Stephen Kiel

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