[Gimp-developer] New developer eager to help out the Gimp community


I'm Jade. I am currently doing Hacker School in NY. Before programming, I
have been using Gimp for a long time as a graphics designer but would
really like to get involved now in development.

I'd like to start contributing to GIMP development, and thought I'd offer
to help with testing first. I'm working on building GIMP from source right
now, and once I get that going I'd be happy to verify bugs (and help
improve reproduction instructions, where appropriate) and test patches.

Would anyone be willing to point me towards some good bugs/patches to get
started? Specifically, I'm wondering:
1) Which branch of development code on
https://git.gnome.org/browse/gimp/should I be building against? (And
http://www.gimp.org/source/howtos/gimp-git-build.html still accurate?)
2) Are there any patches that people would like tested?
I'm cmisenas on IRC and will hang out in #gimp most of the (New York)
weekdays and would love to talk with folks who might be willing to get me
started helping out.

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