[Gimp-developer] Progress indicators in GIMP [Was: OpenCL and GIMP tile size]

On 18.06.13 at 10:46 PM yahvuu wrote
> Possibly related, there are some tricks to improve the perceived duration
> when it comes to progress bars: http://www.chrisharrison.net/index.php/Research/ProgressBars2

Ah, the well-known effect from Windows (since Vista I think) and KDE
But yes, things seem to go faster.

IMHO we should also consider the following:
- For all progress indicators in GIMP use the same widget for
visual consistency. In GIMP since 2.8 this is the green round progress indicator (the 'green ball') at the mouse cursor (for instance seen in the Tools).
- As soon as possible return to a state where the user
can continue her/his work. This means: in the (blocking) foreground
only process what the user imperatively needs to continue her/his work
and use the progress indicator only for this. The remain of the
operation is done in the background. This would not only appear
to be faster, but really be faster and thus achieve the product visions
goal of a high working speed.

Kind regards,


PS: My first attempt was technically an answer to the former thread,
although it should be a new thread. Sorry for the duplicate post.

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