Re: [Gimp-developer] OpenCL and GIMP tile size

Maybe this is out of place, but speaking of tiles, I noticed that several compositing packagings and 3D renderers draw the tiles outwards from the center of the image. Some programs even offer preferences for different tiles drawing. Outwards from center seems to be faster (actually it's a perceived faster, not real faster) than rows from top left to bottom right. I think that drawing the tiles outwards from the center of the view would provide a huge boost in perceived performance, because you'd always be seeing the first tile in the visible. Right now if you're looking at the bottom of an image and the top is beyond the visible area, you have to wait for the tiles to be drawn, and in slow operation that's perceived like extra slowness.

Is this even planned or considered? Is it possible?

Sorry if this question adds noise to the thread, this has been on my head for several days and I needed to ask.


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