[Gimp-developer] GSOC NPD advice


I'd like to ask you for an advice. I tried to ask once on IRC but had no
luck. But since this is a longer question, mail list is more suitable

I remind that I'm a GSOC student and I work on n-point image deformation
GEGL operation and GIMP tool.

I have a static library which can do n-point deformation - it has
functions which create mesh, allow to add points on mesh, perform the
deformation algorithm etc. The library is bundled with GEGL (in my
branch - inside libs/npd). I also have a GEGL operation which use that
library and implements necessary graphics functions.

I would like to use that operation in GIMP tool. To be able to
effectively communicate with GEGL operation from GIMP I need to share
some (especially mesh) data based on structures defined in the library.
Is there a good way how to achieve that?

I have looked into the sources of Cage tool and found out that it's
defining its GEGL operation inside its sources in GIMP. I could do it
similarly, but this way has a drawback - e.g. other graphics programs
based on GEGL couldn't use the deformation.

Another way would be to duplicate needed code, but duplication isn't
nice. The solution could be to make shared library (bundled with GEGL)
instead of static library. What do you think?

I'm currently stuck due to this problem. Thanks in advance for helping


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