Re: [Gimp-developer] [Feature Request] Enhance the operation of the 'Create from Clipboard' method

El 12/07/13 18:39, Sylae Corell escribió:
Hello everyone,

So, I regularly use the Create from Clipboard feature to make quick
edits, especially from images grabbed off the web. However, I'm often an
imbecile and accidentally click "copy image location" instead of "copy
image" in my browser. Would it be possible, if the clipboard data is not
an image, have gimp detect that a text url is there and prompt to
download it?

Thanks for helping make this program, guys. It's one of the jewels of
Open-Source :)

You can use File > Open Location to open image URLs.

Anyway, I guess it would be nice to have the feature you describe. The functionality for opening URLs is already there, so the only thing needed would be to detect if the text string in the clipboard is actually an url of an image, and then trigger the existing procedure for opening files from urls.

Sounds like something useful.


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