Re: [Gimp-developer] 15 lines

El 25/01/13 16:54, Daniel Hornung escribió:
On Friday, 25. January 2013 11:30:40 scl wrote:
I'd say, it depends on the images the particular user usually works
with. While a screen or web designer might work with small images the
most time, a photographer or scientist works with much bigger images.
Different users have different needs and a default value - may it be 3,
4 or 15 lines - is always insufficient for anybody.

Suggestion to fit with both web designers and old book scanners:

What if not the number of lines were fixed but the distance between lines in
screen units (physical distance or fixed amount of pixels)?  I could nearly
always live with a line every 10 or 20 pixels, and would find it very
convenient if the distance was about the same no matter what my zoom level is.

Even though it may sound reasonable, the problem there is that you get a grid that doesn't divide your image in even parts (when the size of your image isn't an exact multiple of your grid module)
I don't think it would work.

Just to clarify: I'm not against the grids or the corrective mode. I actually use them a lot (I guess that for straightening there are better options, but por perspective correction the grid and corrective mode are very useful.

My problem with the default grid is that it gets in the middle more often than it helps. Maybe it's just me, but although 15 lines (or more) is ok for complete, large images, it's usually excessive for small/mid size selections in a zoomed out document. When you have a document with seveal layers smaller than the canvas size, the grid gets in the middle and it's really annoying. I know I can change it, I guess I could save a new default for me, but asking if that default is suitable for the majority of the userbase seems a reasonable question.

I know that transforming large images is one of the several valid use cases of GIMP, the question is if it's more frequent than transforming individual, small elements of a layered composite.

It's just matter of defaults and how useful they are.

Oh, and btw. What about having different grid settings for normal and corrective mode respectively? I don't mind the 15 lines grid for corrective mode, but I find it almost useless and interfering for the normal mode.


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