Re: [Gimp-developer] North East Astro Imaging Conference

On 9 January 2013 00:20, Bob Moore <n2ixa optonline net> wrote:

Hello, My name is Bob Moore I run a large astro imaging conference just outside New York City in April. I am looking for contact info for someone on the Gimp team that may be interested in becoming a speaker at this year’s NEAIC. I pay all expenses! If this lands in the right hands please contact me asap via my e-mail n2ixa optonline net


So folks -- I think this is a nice niche to show  GIMP and present the upcoming 32 bit color 
capabilities.  (It is impressive how acadmic people are unaware of the program capabilities).

I would offer myself to go, since expences are covered, but there is the bureaucracy of entering 
the USA + othe rpersonal issues around that prevent me going there.

Maybe one of the N.A. more active colaborators? 
Ankh? Akkana? Kevin? Nicolas ( are soon not to be around there :-)  )?

Anyway, I think it would be unpolite to let this message go unanswered
(unlike invitations that do not mention covering the expenses, and are therefore
little more than advertisements for the conferences)


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