Re: [Gimp-developer] unified transform tool

Liam wrote:

actually next month I am teaching interaction again and will give
my students the exercise ‘precision rotate and precision perspective
one or two tools?’ including of course redesigning the tools.

I will need some essential scenarios for that, beyond the obvious
photo horizon correction and getting verticals vertical.

Actually, getting verticals vertical with a print-sized image isn't
possible right now, you can't rotate if you can't see the edges or
centre of the canvas.

Some other use cases:
* skew by 45 degrees, or by a specific measured distance
* repeat a rotation but rotate by five degrees more than last time
* scale a selection that's too large to fit on the screen

thanks for contributing.

would the last one not be done better with a dialog box from
a menu command? could be interactive before committing.

I am still using the older transform tools because they work so much
better for me *right now*, I can enter numbers, I can see the numbers in
the undo history and redo with slightly different numbers, I can drag
any part of the corrective preview grid. (I almost always use them in
corrective/reverse mode).

Once the numbers are all available to be edited on the fly and once the
undo history says "rotate 15°" instead of "some general transform or
other" the tools will be much more useful, I'll be able to use the
numbers when I can't reach the edges of the canvas to rotate.

let me make clear that the new tool is the general tool for
doing things by _feeling_. there will never be number entry
in this tool, it is optimised for other things. also this
corrective mode I see right now in the new tool is completely
misplaced, 100% against the goals of the tool.

everything you (Liam) need and ask for has its place in the
redesigned precision rotate and perspective tool(s).

I do expect that the redesigned precision tool(s) need to
gain some features for that.


        founder + principal interaction architect
            man + machine interface works on interaction architecture

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