Re: [Gimp-developer] Request for standard conform save and export function

On Tue, Feb 5, 2013 at 6:54 PM, RubbelDeCatc wrote:
> I decided to use this way to send an urgent request to the gimp developers.
> I am using Gimp professionally since many years and i am very glad about the
> progress Gimp made the last years.
> With 2.8 there was a change in the way Gimp saves images.
> I every program of the world the save function (Strg-s) is used to save
> Documents. 90% of my load and save transactions with gimp are done in other
> formats then XCF.
> The export-function is normally only for formats the program can not
> re-import again.
> To point that out. It is not my intend to criticize. But Gimp already has an
> acceptance problem because of its unusual usability paradigms.
> I doubt that the unnecessary and ignorant decision to force users to use
> export instead of save will be counterproductive for the future of Gimp.
> --
> regards
>    Dirk
> aka ------ <-o))//<<
> RubbelDeKatz
> Btw.: I know that there is a workaround. But have you ever recognized the
> thousands of questions and comments from beginners concerning the save
> function?

We've been through half a dozen of long threads about this. Thank you
for attempting to start yet another one while not using any rude words
whatsoever :)

Yes, we do recognize  that it's a problem for some users. No, it's
less of a problem for the kind of users we target, and we know users
who successfully adapted to the new workflow an even loved it.

No, the export function is _not_ normally only for formats the program
cannot re-import again, as proven by dozens of DAW, NLE and other
kinds of applications.

No, we are not considering to revert the change, but we are thinking
of ways to fix the "Confirm closing unsaved images" problem.

Yes, we are sorry that it's a problem for you. Hopefully you will find
the existing workarounds sufficient.

Alexandre Prokoudine

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