[Gimp-developer] Request for standard conform save and export function

I decided to use this way to send an urgent request to the gimp developers.

I am using Gimp professionally since many years and i am very glad about the progress Gimp made the last years.

With 2.8 there was a change in the way Gimp saves images.

I every program of the world the save function (Strg-s) is used to save Documents. 90% of my load and save transactions with gimp are done in other formats then XCF.

The export-function is normally only for formats the program can not re-import again.

To point that out. It is not my intend to criticize. But Gimp already has an acceptance problem because of its unusual usability paradigms.

I doubt that the unnecessary and ignorant decision to force users to use export instead of save will be counterproductive for the future of Gimp.

aka ------ <-o))//<<

Btw.: I know that there is a workaround. But have you ever recognized the thousands of questions and comments from beginners concerning the save function?

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