Re: [Gimp-developer] USM update

On 12/07/2013 05:04 AM, Tobias Ellinghaus wrote:
Am Freitag, 6. Dezember 2013, 20:18:13 schrieb Partha Bagchi:
Thanks! Would you happen to have a copy of unsharp-mask.c from 2 weeks ago?
I was not experiencing any crashes with unsharp mask then.

This is the version from before Elle changed it:

Thanks again,


Tobias, Partha, my apologies, it was late and I turned my computer off.

I also substituted "Gaussian Blur" for USM in my mind, totally different things (there's a blur in USM, but that's beside the point).

Anyway, anyone have any ideas why a change in the ui slider values might cause a crash in Windows USM? Could it be because the minimum for the top slider is 0.2 instead of 0.0?

gegl_chant_double_ui (std_dev, _("Std. Dev."),
                      0.2, 300.0, 0.55, 0.2, 10.0, 3.0,
                      _("Standard deviation (spatial scale factor)"))

gegl_chant_double_ui (scale, _("Scale"),
                      0.0, 300.0, 4.0, 0.0, 10.0, 3.0,
                      _("Scale, strength of effect"))

Elle, feeling very foolish for having mixed up GB and USM.

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