Re: [Gimp-developer] Gimp from git Gegl Gaussian Blur and Unsharp Mask useability issues

This Gaussian blur slider range doesn't really allow slider selection
small, precise values less than 1, so typing in values is still
necessary. A logarithm-type scale might be better than a linear scale
the useful range for blur necessarily is large, and the larger the
image, the larger the useful range.


The other gegl_chant_double_ui values are pretty obvious. What does
value "1.5" do?

The "1.5" is the UI exponent you were asking for in Gaussian Blur, 1.0 is linear. If 1.5 is not enough, you 
may try 2.0 or larger. For the slider step problem, I don't know much about that sorry... I think the new UI 
values you suggest are good. So please, try some more by tweaking the exponent and you can commit directly to 
GEGL master those changes, if you want.

A way to type in values without risking accidentally causing a very
large radius operation would be very welcome.

Agreed, I am not sure how to solve that though...

I wonder what values other people might find useful for Gaussian blur
and USM? I have a 10MP camera. Someone with a 30 or 40MP camera
would need a larger range, which is one reason why user-settable
might be a nice feature. Different styles of processing would be

I agree too, but this is also an UI problem and I am really not an expert. A reasonable arbitrary UI range + 
exponent is already a step forward.

Thank you,


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