[Gimp-developer] Request for Permission to Produce GIMP-Inspired Tees


I am contacting this mailing list per the instructions on http://www.gimp.org/about/merchandise.html.  As instructed, I am contacting you to request permissions and clarify the details for producing GIMP-inspired tee shirts.  In doing so, I wish to create promotional wear inspired by both the GIMP name and Wilbur mascot.  If this is not permitted, I can and will use the original logos and artwork.

The t-shirt(s) are to be featured alongside those of several other F/LOSS projects, totaling 15 or so at this point.  More projects are being contacted and our goal is to launch with 50 or so projects.

A licensing fee/donation can and will be provided to the GIMP developers, should permission be granted.

Our website is at www.libretees.com, and as you can see, there is not much there at the moment.  Given permission, I will report back upon site launch.

Let me know if you have any questions for me.

Thank you!

Jared N. Contrascere
President :: LibreTees, LLC
Phone - (703) 599-6233

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