[Gimp-developer] GEGL operations - GSoC 2013


My name is Carlos Zubieta and I am a CS master student at CIMAT in
México. I am mostly specialized on image processing an computer vision.
I've been a Gimp user for a while now but I think it's time for me to
give the next step and help improve it. I would like to participate in
the Gimp plugins to GEGL ops porting.

I'm porting the contrast-stretch-hsv and color-enhance plugins before
summiting my proposal (as required in the wiki). Jus tI want to be sure
if those are enough to apply for the GSoC.

Any comments and feedback are welcomed.

Carlos Z.

PS. You can find me as zurwolf in IRC.
PS2. Some of my photos edited with Gimp can be found at

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