Re: [Gimp-developer] Bug report for ID64917

> > Two things you can do:
> > >
> > > * An unrelated crash happens when alt="" is present in a map file,
> > >   during load. Can you check what causes it and propose a fix?
> Yeah, I already started working on it. It is due to double free. This crash
> can be avoided if MALLOC_CHECK_ environment variable is set to 0. But
> anyhow I will try to produce a fix in the code for this.

As you probably understand too, updating MALLOC_CHECK_ is neither a fix
nor a workaround. :)

The checking exists to catch such errors, and updating this environment
variable will only turn off the checking, but it will not stop the buggy
code from being executed.

That's right :) I will try to fix :)
> > > * Please propose a fix for UTF-8 un-escaping.
> I will start that soon.


> > One more thing:
> >
> > * Do the other parsers (NCSA and CERN) also need unescaping?
> As far as I checked till now, they don't need unescaping because they don't
> write the HTML encodings. CSIM only needs unescaping.

Super. Thank you for checking. :)

yw :)

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