Re: [Gimp-developer] Bug report for ID64917

Hi Sashi

On Thu, Apr 11, 2013 at 04:24:29PM +0530, Sashi Kumar wrote:
Two things you can do:

* An unrelated crash happens when alt="" is present in a map file,
  during load. Can you check what causes it and propose a fix?

Yeah, I already started working on it. It is due to double free. This crash
can be avoided if MALLOC_CHECK_ environment variable is set to 0. But
anyhow I will try to produce a fix in the code for this.

As you probably understand too, updating MALLOC_CHECK_ is neither a fix
nor a workaround. :)

The checking exists to catch such errors, and updating this environment
variable will only turn off the checking, but it will not stop the buggy
code from being executed.

* Please propose a fix for UTF-8 un-escaping.

I will start that soon.


One more thing:

* Do the other parsers (NCSA and CERN) also need unescaping?

As far as I checked till now, they don't need unescaping because they don't
write the HTML encodings. CSIM only needs unescaping.

Super. Thank you for checking. :)


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