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Hi Ricardo,

the first guideline in developing GIMP or almost any other open/free software is to attempt to find answers and solutions yourself. Especially so when the solutions are openly/freely available. ;) With that in mind, you can find most of the answers to your questions if you go to GIMP's website and read. Especially from "get involved" and "development" sections. Also, reading this mailing list can give you some good indications about the development considerations.

Get familiar with the project. Do it at your own pace. Think of it as a form of apprenticeship. :)

By the way, How did you decide to focus on GIMP?


On 2013/04/09, at 3:13, Ricardo González <rags-07 hotmail com> wrote:

hello i need infomation of development of gimp, is for a laboratory of the university this question are:

1. what are the guidelines process of development of this software?
2. what are the software engineering practices followed by you?
3. what are the general principles of this software?
4. myths that have been laid ​​about this software?
5. types of considerations that arose when all development begins?
 please help me i need this information thanks...
I await your prompt response
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