[Gimp-developer] 9 months of Flattr

Hi there,

it's been six months since my 3-months report about our Flattr button:

In the time frame of October to March, the clicks average at around 200, the revenue at 170 Euros per month

At 0,85 Euros per click, this is doing quite well for a micro-donation system.

The money will be used for our Libre Graphics Meeting expenses - we are paying for the travel and an apartment at Madrid for the GIMP team members, and we're helping the LGM organizers with some additional funds for reimbursing attendees of other teams:

Our Flattr button can be found on every page at http://ww.gimp.org
Other donation options - PayPal, wire transfer and cheque - can be found at http://www.gimp.org/donating/


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