Re: [Gimp-developer] GIMP's ICM simulation must be improved as PhotoShop

On 23.09.12 at 09:28 a.m. ndummy001 yahoo co jp wrote:
GIMP(win) has some color management features on settings dialog. But
it's not enough( e.g. black point calibration )

I agree with you, that color management is a very important part to make GIMP a high-end photo manipulation application as written in the product vision. Many users and developers share that opinion. You could for instance read the postings of Elle Stone and Øyvind Kolås a.k.a. pippin to see the ongoing efforts on this topic. As you can see, the GIMP team takes this topic seriously.

The settings dialog is not the only part where you find color management in GIMP. Have you already looked at the Image/Mode/Assign Color Profile... and Image/Mode/Convert to Color Profile... menu items? Particularly the latter contains the desired black point compensation. Also check View/Display Filters..., move there the 'Color proof' filter to the right list and click it. It give you a proof view of the image and its options also contain Black point compensation.

Developers must implement these if you all truly thinking that GIMP is

I think it's a mistake to judge from one part to the whole. At least 16K users only at Google+ don't share your opinion (to say it with Alexandre ;-) and not all GIMP users are on G+.

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