[Gimp-developer] Wilber watch mockup designs

Hi all

tigert and jimmac have given permission for using the Wilber image in
our watch.

tigert made some mock designs for the watch:

I've uploaded a variant of this design too:

The stencil is here for anyone who wants to play with it:

The watch image is here (with the text moved down a little):

If you wish to comment on these designs or contribute a variant, please
do so. Note that any contributed designs will have to come with
permission to use it for our watch.

We have to find a balance between making it nice for those who wear and
read the dial regularly, and also make it appealing to those who are
seeing it for the first time.  The dial should not be too noisy for the
regular wearer.  Note that the stock watch is a beautiful white dial on
the wrist (a classic yester-year office watch), so remember that if you
are making a design.

Kind regards,


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