[Gimp-developer] Gimp 2.9 git 16 bit Tiff Loading Error

I decided to test the latest git code on a Mac running Snow Leopard.
My git codebase is up to date as of today.

I am getting the following error. I am wondering if anyone else has
the same issue or it's confined to the Mac.

                                          ...[Some issues with parsing
2.8 gimprc due to change in interpolation method to LoHalo]
bps: 16
bytes_per_pixel: 6, format: 6
file-tiff-load is updating the progress too often
fatal error: Bus error

Stack trace shows

(pid:56286): [E]xit, [H]alt, show [S]tack trace or [P]roceed: S
#0  0x00007fff86c400f0 in __wait4 ()
#1  0x00000001012a451f in g_on_error_stack_trace
at gbacktrace.c:256
#2  0x00000001012a49c2 in g_on_error_query (prg_name=0x7fff5fbff8e0
at gbacktrace.c:190
#3  0x0000000100046675 in gimp_plugin_sigfatal_handler ()
#4  0x00007fff5fbfee90 in ?? ()
#5  0x000000010005ed4c in gimp_tile_put ()
(pid:56286): [E]xit, [H]alt, show [S]tack trace or [P]roceed: E

(gimp-2.9:56109): LibGimpBase-WARNING **: gimp-2.9: gimp_wire_read(): error
plug-in 'file-tiff-load' aborted before sending its procedure return values

Loading jpeg gives me the following (which I think is OK?)

jpeg-load: found EXIF block (21706 bytes)
jpeg-load: found XMP packet (2468 bytes)
While parsing XMP metadata:
Error on line 46 char 1: End of element <exif:Flash> not expected in
this context

Metadata parasite seems to be corrupt

When I quit 2.9, I get buffer leak

(gimp-2.9:56109): Gtk-CRITICAL **: gtk_accel_group_find: assertion
`GTK_IS_ACCEL_GROUP (accel_group)' failed
EEEEeEeek! 4 GeglBuffers leaked

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