Re: [Gimp-developer] Smooth Zoom

On Sun 28 Oct 2012 08:04:08 AM CDT, Bot Obi wrote:
IMHO they could easily be as small as one
hundredth of the current zoom level (e.g. 1%-steps at 100%).

That would be too fine of increment for me.

For me the super-duper solution was to have two configurable zoom
steps in the presets: 1) a "fine zoom" step and 2) a "standard zoom"

Agreed. It would be great to have a "fine" and "coarse" zoom keyboard shortcut. But – in reference to your 1% steps – it might be better to have two modes: "standard" and "custom". Standard mode would keep the pre-defined steps. Custom would allow you to set a percentage in the preferences.

Inkscape allows you to set a custom zoom step as a percentage, but this affects all zooming. It seems to work well, if only Inkscape could get GPU-handled rendering, it would be a very smooth experience.

The trick of course to changing something like this – before we've even determined the programmatic complexity of making it work – is to make sure the new feature doesn't replace a feature that certain users have grown to love. I personally can't see how anyone would prefer the preset steps to a customizable percentage step, but you never know.

Jason Simanek

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