Re: [Gimp-developer] Selling GIMP Creations

On 11/22/2012 04:14 PM, Caitlin wrote:
Hi there,
I was just wondering whether it would be okay for me to sell images and
any products (which materials created in GIMP have been incorporated
into) that I’ve made using GIMP? The images etc used would originally be
my own, however, there may also be some circumstances where the entire
“image” is created in GIMP (i.e. without a photograph or anything used
as a base/template).

I think there are any problems with that. Heck, you can even take money for distributing GIMP, and that's all legal .

  " All rights granted under this License are granted for the term of
 copyright on the Program, and are irrevocable provided the stated
conditions are met.  This License explicitly affirms your unlimited
permission to run the unmodified Program.  *The output from running a
covered work is covered by this License only if the output, given its
 content, constitutes a covered work*.  This License acknowledges your
rights of fair use or other equivalent, as provided by copyright law."

So you are ok here

If your are interested in more deeper aspects of the license, you can read the whole license (GPL v3)

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