[Gimp-developer] API for time of last change vs. last export

On the thread-which-shall-be-nameless, when folks were asking for
a way to quit GIMP without being prompted to save files that had
already been exported, Alexia wrote:
> Oh, let me throw up this idea for you -  you do not need a fork, just
> a script to override the default close... Very easy to install,
> maintain and distribute. No fork needed.

Alexia, how?  I looked into it, but couldn't figure out any way
to do it.

There's gimp-image-is-dirty to check whether an image has been
changed since the last XCF save -- is there a similar flag for
checking whether an image has been changed since the last export?
There's gimp-image-get-exported-uri, but that only tells you whether
the image has *ever* been exported, not whether it's been exported
since the last image change.

If you could get the time of the last image change, you could
compare it to the last modified date of the export file, but I
don't think there's a GIMP call to get that either.



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