Re: [Gimp-developer] Save/export, option to go back to old behaviour

El 16/11/12 11:45, Alberto Mardegan escribió:
Hi all!
   I'm not here to reignite the discussion about the new save/export
behaviour, don't worry. :-)
However, as many other users, I find the new behaviour not helping my
workflow, so I'd like to do something about it.

I think that the "Save" command should just save the current file in
whatever format the file originally had; so, if I open a PNG and crop
it, then close the window and get prompted to save it, I should have the
option to save it as PNG (and it should be the default choice for this
image). I understand that you don't agree with this principle.

IMHO the older way was extremely faster than new way.

I must to do very much clics with 2.8 than 2.6 to close files. I think a configuration option will be a nice solution.


So, given the inconcialiability of the opinions in the same UI, I
propose to have an option in the preferences dialog to go back to the
old behaviour (with the 2.8 behaviour as default).
I'm willing to provide a patch myself, of course.

My question now is whether such a patch (provided that the code quality
matches your requirements) would be accepted -- in which case I would go
and file a bug for it, and assign it to myself --, or if I should not
even give it a try.

I really hope that this effort will be welcome. :-)


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