Re: [Gimp-developer] Do you plan to create a project on

On Sun, Nov 11, 2012 at 08:45:52AM -0500, Nicolas Robidoux wrote:
> Prospective GIMP "patron":
> I would love to finish the Nohalo/Lohalo/Lojaggy/Loblur suite of image
> resamplers for GEGL, but I simply can't afford to do significant pro bono
> work these days. (Lohalo, which in my mind would become Nohalo, is already
> "in", and for better or worse replaces Lanczos when using the GEGLized
> GIMP. Loblur would be the Lanczos "equivalent" that works for arbitrary
> warps.)
> I'm not expecting tons of money, just enough so I don't get poorer while I
> do the job.

Why not support some already present (but needing improving) features?

As far as I have understand the problems related to money for dev is the
risk that money could deviate some dev efforts from the main developing
community defined trails. 

So if someone gets money for some not crucial and not distracting
improvement I do not see any risk...


Marco Ciampa

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