[Gimp-developer] keyboard shortcut change -- use shift-1 (!) for fit-in-window

I raised this in bugzilla at
and was asked to bring it to the mailing list.

Switching between 1:1 pixel-view and fit in window is a frequent operation
for me as I do photo retouching. Switching to 1:1 is easy and mnemonic, with
the 1 key. With 2.6, going to fit-in-window view was a kind of weird key
combo (ctrl-shift-e), but I could easily accomplish it with my left hand
with my right hand still on the mouse.

With 2.7, the new shortcut is ctrl-shift-j — way over on the other side of
the keyboard. That's quite the stretch! For my own system, I've changed this
to shift-1 (that is, !), which doesn't appear to be taken. And, it's really
nicely intuitive, since 1 and shift-1 are two almost-inverse operations. Any
chance of making that the default?

Matthew Miller           mattdm mattdm org          <http://mattdm.org/>

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