Re: [Gimp-developer] Different Languagepacks Linux/Windows?

Anke Lange wrote:

I have come across some differences in the translation of Gimp into German. For example:

The palettes kontex-menue, on the linux, everything is in German. On windows, there is still some english.
Hi Anke,

I just tried with 2.8 on Windows and everything is in German.

On the gradient-dialog, on Windows you can open a new picture, on Linux the translation is correkt.
You're right. This is confusing for two reasons:
1. 'open' and 'new' are two different things. 'New' means to create something not yet existing, while 'open' expects anything that's already there. 2. Hovering over the second icon in the button bar at the dialogs bottom I read 'Ein neues Bild erstellen'. First, it's very unexpected to create a new _image_ from a _gradient_ dialog, second it opens the gradient editor dialog. So, it should be 'Einen neuen Farbverlauf erstellen'. The en_us translation is right: 'Create a new gradient'. This simply seems to be an error in German translation.

Could your Windows regionale and language settings be wrong and cause this mixture? I read of a similar problem with Portuguese and English (see and the reason were wrong system settings.

Trying to reproduce this behaviour I found another confusing item: in the gradient context menu there is an item 'Save as CSS...' in the German translation. Selecting it opened an English dialog for the underlying Python script (I have a 32-bit Windows). I guess both still need to be translated. Shall I report a bug for this?

Best regards,


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