Re: [Gimp-developer] Merging visible paths via scripts

On 24 May 2012 07:37, Gino D <ginodonig gmail com> wrote:
> Hi.
> I'm searching for the Script-Fu procedure corresponding to the "Merge
> Visible Paths" widget available in the "Path" context menu, but so far
> I have been able neither to find it nor to devise a way to do the same
> by using other procedures.
> Have I missed something? Or the reason is that the Procedure Database
> doesn't currently provide this unique command yet?
> If so, is there anyone who can suggest or at least draft me a code
> snippet aimed to implement the aforesaid operation?

Indeed - there are no vectors merging calls whatsoever on the PDB -
for the time being, the only way to merge vectors using a script or plug-on is
to explictly adding strokes read from other vectors to another vector.
(using gimp-vectors-stroke-new-from-points ).

Coding an algorithm that loops through an image vectors, cehck which
are visible, and for each visible vectors object, read its strokes,
and add them to the target vectors is the way to go. Other, higher
level languages, can make this task easier than in scheme - like

On the other hand, indeed, there should be some support for that on
the PDB - could you open a bug at asking
for this feature?
Maybe you could even come to do some work on its developement on a
nearby future, in order for it to be in gimp 2.10.


> Thanks in advance.
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