Re: [Gimp-developer] =?utf-8?q?Cross-application_work-flows_and_docum?= =?utf-8?q?ent_file=09formats?=

Jon Nordby <jononor <at>> writes:

> You say that only task 1 can potentially benefit from saving as xcf.
> XCF is the only format that can store what you have done to the image
> in a non-destructive way, and allow you to go back and change these
> decisions. 

That reminds me - it would be great if the "save" feature also supported PSD
(As opposed to export). I can think of only one showstopper: text layers,
which are currently always converted to raster, and a further complication of
how to preserve the text data on a text layer that has been modified using 
another tool.

The reason is that some 3D and video editing programs support PSD natively
and even allow importing specific layers, so in some workflows, it is not
enough to just have a layered formats - it has to be PSD specifically.

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