Re: [Gimp-developer] Gimp 2.8.0 - Saving in .jpg or .png hmmmmm

I've been using devel versions for a long while now and have to say I
I'm quite unhappy when the new save system. Before the change collegues
were impressed by the ability to just add the extension to the filename
to save in the desired format, it was a real feature.

Some background on my usage:

I work in an architects office and do a lot of viz as well as the ususal
preparation of photographs and other images for publications and
presentations. This means doing both heavy (50 layers or more) images
for sizes up to A1 and simple tweaks to photographs and other images.
The performance of Gimp is unfortunately not good enough for very
complex and large format work and there I have to use PS.

In my spare time i do a fair bit of web design, mainly for personal and
free software projects, but I have previously worked as a web designer.
I'm also an amateur photographer, whose pictures have been published in
magazines and books. At home all my computers run Debian and has done
for years.

At work we are obviously a windows shop and have the full Adobe suite
installed. I'm quite fond of Gimp for some tasks and switch between Gimp
and PS. A few years ago the main reason for using gimp was the startup
time and the ease of saving to various formats. Perfect for small tweaks
to images. Then some of the tools developed and the perspective
correction and the Free Select Tools surpassed PS. Both very commonly
used by me so that was great and made me push the use of gimp into more
complex task at work.

So the tasks I do is:

1. Large complex, multilayered collage type images aiming for close to
   photorealism. Often painting shadows etc.
2. Adjustments to photographs, curves, sharpness, size perspective corr.
3. Lo res images and graphics for websites.
4. Preparation of images for use as textures, bumpmaps etc for 3d
   visualisation software. I mainly use Blender and Luxrender.

The thing is that of all those tasks only no 1 could potentially benefit
from the safety feature of xcf only save. But even there it actually
gets in the way. I've never accidentally lost work due to saving in the
wrong format. And I'm in my mid 30's having done graphics for ever ;)

Task no 1 is often based on images prepared using 2,3,4 beforehand. This
means that a *vast* majority of saves and opens fall into categories
where xcf seriously slows you down.

2,3 and 4 were the tasks gimp used to be perfect for but it has now lost
that advantage and due to the save, export, overwrite design it's now
more complicated than PS and very confusing.

As mentioned I really like Gimp and I'm grateful for your hard work. I
understand that the vision is for Gimp to become great at complex tasks
as no 1. I'd just like to emphasize that in my case, and I believe it
will be the same for others, way more saves (and opens) will be to
jpg,png etc than to xcf. 

TWFB  -  PGP: D7A420B3

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