[Gimp-developer] Problems with brushes

Hello list

I'm having a closer look at the use of brushes and I came across a few things, that were easy to use in the previous gimp (2.6) and now they are not there anymore. And some of the new features don't seem to work for me. So are they a features or bugs? Well, I just make a little list ;)

1. Why don't the brushes show their real size when aktivated?
The tool seems to adopt the settings of the previous used brush.

2. How can I paint adopting the gradiant for brush-colors?
When using brush-dynamics random-color, it does use the gradient-color, but not in the correct sequence.

3. Using brushes with a minimum distance of 1 lieves a gap using a brush caligraphic-brush with an angle of 40%.

4. The mapping matrix for the dynamic settings of the bushes is not editable. How can I edit this map to use on my own brushes?

5. When making a grayscale gih-brush, it doesn't display adopt the setting-procedures Like when you create a brush to write GIMP using 5 layers. G, I, M, P, empty. Settings: ranks 5 random.

Using the brush, doesn't display the word GIMP , It just jumbles it all up so something like GMMGGIP PPII comes out of it.

6. The Gimp Tool Options "Smooth stroke" and "Incremental" don't show any affect on the stroke of any brush. Do they only effect brushes using a tablet?

It would be great if you could give me a hint on what I do wrong.
Mayby it is a problem with my system (Xubuntu 12.4) I used the packages to compile gimp, shortly after you annouced it.

Thanks a lot for having a look.


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