[Gimp-developer] Liquid rescale


I read the news about Liquid rescale's UI redesign at GIMP's main site and Peter's blog. It looks very promising. Especially I like team's no. 3 results. Are there plans to take these changes over to the current plugin and/or make Liquid rescale an official tool/plugin of GIMP?

One thing that could be changed are the many options 'advanced settings', 'rigidity' and 'algorithm parameters'. They look complicated. Perhaps more meaningful names could be found or they will be discarded in the UI and replaced internally by appropriate defaults. IMHO there should be one intuitive way with a few very easy steps, just like the current scale tool. They are: optionally make a selection on the image, show an outline with clickable handles to change dimensions, optionally paint discard and preservation masks, confirm or cancel. I you like I can provide a screenshot of the IMHO quite intuitive way of the equivalent tool in Photoshop Elements, but I think team's #3 proposal matches this best.

Peter, if you are looking for more things to change and use in your interaction design courses I suggest to look around in the current GIMPs dialogs. There are many unintuitive options, which look too scientific for an average user. Or could you explain blindfolded the difference between IIR and RLE in the Gaussian blur dialog, even if the results most times look the same? How about the dialog 'Path to selection' (see https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=671152)? These results could then go back into GIMP, with benefits for all. I would like to read more from your courses.

To avoid misunderstandings and unnecessary uproars: yes I like GIMP, its name, Wilber and I'm sure I'm going to like goats, too ;-))

Best regards,


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