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A very nice feature for people who use Gimp for drawing (like me)
would be to have brush size adjustable by simply holding a key and
dragging the mouse/pen anywhere on the canvas. This would then grow or
shrink the brush, and you could judge the size from the outline of the
brush as your drag. It's a quick and accurate way of adjusting the
brush size used. You can see this feature in Blender (go to UV
Editing, create New image in the left panel, and hold F and drag to
adjust the brush size).

The same could be applied to opacity, but is most useful for brush sizes.



On Mon, May 14, 2012 at 6:11 PM, gfxuser <gfx user online de> wrote:
>> a specialised widget set for the tool options.
>> these widgets can be more compact, more versatile for
>> different layouts, faster and more precise to operate
>> but, this is of course tied to the direction the tool options should
>> take in GIMP. and here we can use your input:
>> where can the tool options go? tell us about locations where the
>> toll options can live (multiples allowed).
> Hi Peter,
> one idea: they could be invisible and appear on right mouse click, pen
> click, a keystroke, a gesture or combination of them.
> For instance: right mouse click lets the (context) menu appear (as it
> already does),
> Shift + right mouse click: open tools palette at the mouse pointers
> position, with three buttons at the center: Undo, Redo, Options. The other
> tools would be arranged circular around it: recently used tools are closer
> to the center, seldomly used tools in the outer regions.
> Ctrl+right mouse click: open current tools options at the mouse pointers
> position
> Which had two advantages: because it's invisible, it doesn't eat space. But
> it's always there when you need it and where you are (at the mouse/pen
> pointer).
> Just a short brainstorm...
> Best regards,
> grafxuser
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