Re: [Gimp-developer] new interaction project starting...

a specialised widget set for the tool options.
these widgets can be more compact, more versatile for
different layouts, faster and more precise to operate

but, this is of course tied to the direction the tool options should
take in GIMP. and here we can use your input:

where can the tool options go? tell us about locations where the
toll options can live (multiples allowed).
Hi Peter,

one idea: they could be invisible and appear on right mouse click, pen click, a keystroke, a gesture or combination of them. For instance: right mouse click lets the (context) menu appear (as it already does), Shift + right mouse click: open tools palette at the mouse pointers position, with three buttons at the center: Undo, Redo, Options. The other tools would be arranged circular around it: recently used tools are closer to the center, seldomly used tools in the outer regions. Ctrl+right mouse click: open current tools options at the mouse pointers position Which had two advantages: because it's invisible, it doesn't eat space. But it's always there when you need it and where you are (at the mouse/pen pointer).

Just a short brainstorm...

Best regards,


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