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I agree with a lot of this. My impression on reading the 'first stab' was that is was more an attempt to stop people "interfering" than to encourage potential contributors to get involved in Gimp.

Indeed I found 'brainstorm' to be similar. It made it a lot of work to make a suggestion and , while a mockup can be a good means of presenting something in some cases, the requirement that the visual be the only acceptable form of submission and no verbal description was possible, again seems like raising barriers.


Hey there,

I'm working with Peter - and everyone else involved - more and more.
Greetings to those who I met last week in Vienna! And to those I didn't.

Actually, I think the intention is the opposite. We want to set up a system that makes it easier for contribution and collaboration in the design part of GIMP work. We really don't want to be a closed shop. What Peter wrote is his attempt at looking at how the system for developers works, so we can see what we can learn from it. There is no prescribed process proposed as yet.

What we absolutely have to do is differentiate between user requests and design contributions, and one of the ways in which you can do that is by getting people to submit some sort of visual- even if it is a doodle and nowhere near a "mock-up". Anyone, even someone just starting out, or trying out designing, should be able to do that if they want to get properly involved. It's kind of the key tool of the trade...


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