Re: [Gimp-developer] Gimp 2.8 blend time

So, I've recently switched from gimp 2.6 to gimp 2.8, and I found that the time taken to draw gradients is far longer in 2.8 than in 2.6

To test, I made a blank black canvas at 1024px, then drew a radial gradient from center to edge.  2.6 drew it in under a second.  2.8 took 8.7 seconds to complete.

Is this something that others have noticed?
Yes, I can reproduce it with the 2.8 builds for Mac and Windows. The slowdown does not only affect the blend tool. This seems to be related with color management. In the Windows version you can speedup the blend tool among some other things by disabling the color management filter in View/Display filters.... This does a speedup for me, but it's only a temporary solution, as this only affects the currently open picture and only for this session. Also see bug #645345 in Bugzilla for a similar problem. It's the same problem with the Mac version. 2.8 is slower than 2.6, but unfortunately the View/Display filters... trick doesn't work there.

Is it a result of the move to GEGL?
I think so.
Will it be fixed?

I hope so. This bug tempers the GIMP 2.8 honeymoon and I'm already thinking of staying with 2.6 for production or further using PS.

Or, the other way around: never switch to x.0 versions... ;-)

Best regards,


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