Re: [Gimp-developer] yes, its that time of the year..

Well, I deleted the message without reading, and I'm not planning to click the link until it is accompanied with some relevant information on why it would be relevant for me. Because unlike gg I'm not quite that bored...


On 05/06/2012 10:14 AM, gg wrote:
On 06/05/12 15:15, legion1978 wrote:
Please read it before you ditch it.

Thank you.

*Roony Alvarez*
/Director Creativo/
The Shibumi Group

As a publicist, you sure know how to make your emails look like SPAM.

I clicked on the tinyURL link FULLY expecting it to be spam ( because I'm bored and was curious a to what browser trick it might be using. )

I was rather phased when it turned out to be something to do with GIMP.

I suppose if you're trying to trick people into reading something you imagine they don't want to read, you have to be a bit devious.


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