Re: [Gimp-developer] [Gimp-user] Translation updates for GIMP 2.8

În data de Sun, 06 May 2012 13:55:29 +0200, Michael Natterer a scris:

> > > Now that GIMP 2.8 is out, we ask translators to work in the
> > > gimp-2-8 branch to update translations of the new stable version.
> > 
> > The Romanian translation for script-fu is still not included in
> > Windows 2.8 version (the file is there, but is
> > almost empty).
> > 
> > Is this really so hard to figure what is happening there ? It was
> > the same in 2.7.x, the same in RC, the same now.
> When did you commit this? To which branch? What is the commit sha1?

Before anything, something seems weird here :
the script-fu strings count is 61 for all languages, both 2.8 and
master branch, whereas my local script-fu .po file has 603 strings !!
Huh ??

For the rest: I did not commit myself since I have no commit rights on
GNOME, but according to the robot log messages that I keep, my latest
changes were commited on 10 February 2012 (these being my latest
corrections, whereas my script-fu translation as a whole was almost
complete about one year ago, if not earlier).

I am speaking about 2.7.x and newer, so the master branch then, 2.8

I don't know nothing about SHA1 for my translation or whatever (I don't
know where to find it, nor how to check with the code). Sorry for that.

But please can you give an explanation for the 61 strings count limit
in online version ?


Cristian Secară

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