[Gimp-developer] looking for advice ( gsoc )

Hello everyone! 
I was writing to you earlier, but as far as I understood, some projects can't be done until the UI of Gimp is redesigned. 
So I was thinking about two new things, but I'm in doubt as they may be too much related to UI, and I am looking for your advice, 
as I don't know yet the code good enough to figure it out by myself. 

First one: the mirror painting brush modifier, which enables horizontal or/and vertical painting mirror ( http://imageshack.us/f/35/mirrorpainting.png ) 
Second one: a "live" brush preview. What I think would be the best, it's to redraw the last stroke on canvas with the new parameters applied.
It also possible making a small pop-up  window or a brush preview in the tools options. 

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