Re: [Gimp-developer] Screenshot tool: Unify plugin for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X


> I don't see much purpose in explicitly using external snapshot tools
> from within Gimp.
The purpose is to provide a good screenshot functionality while relieving the overloaded GIMP developers.

> If the users have these tools installed they know how to use them,
Think of an average user, a luser or an stressed expert. I know of average users who had Windows 7 for a year and never heard of its screenshot utility.

> and they may have a hotkey that makes them a lot easier to access
> directly than from Gimp.
Did you know: the standard hotkey for screenshots on Mac OS X is Shift+Ctrl+Apple+3. It's not everywhere as easy as in Windows. In GIMP you need four mouseclicks to capture a screen, on Mac you need patience to find the hotkeys and four fingers (and maybe a bandage for a broken finger )

> And I don't see how Gimp is going to keep up with an even growing
> list...
I proposed a list with at maximum 3 items to choose from: GIMPs own screenshot plugin, the operating systems tool and third party tools. The latter two can be combined: GIMP would offer the operating systems tool and the option to browse the file system for another tool. Then there are only two options. So GIMP would always be up to date while saving its own development resources.

> "File/Create/from clipboard" gives the most bang for the buck if you > want to use external snapshot tools. You're right in this point. This is an easy way to import screenshots into GIMP after they were made.


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