Re: [Gimp-developer] Easy access for contributors


Could you please expound on your idea?  (I don't know much about virtual machines.)  What would a "middle level" developer do to get the environment and what would they have to learn about virtual machines and about GIMP development?  It sounds like magic to me.  I assume that you mean something like: a user downloads and installs one package.  The package does not do any building at installation time, all libraries and programs (GEGL, GIMP, etc) are already built in the virtual environment?  After that, they can enter a virtual environment where they can hack on GIMP without fear of destroying their production environment.  Or do they first need to download the virtual machine package that supports virtual machines?  They can destroy and refresh the virtual environment whenever they want, but it may take a few hours to download it again?

Do you have a link to another project that offers a virtual development environment?

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