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Based on the thread title "[Gimp-developer] Easy access for contributors" and the initial message I was under the impression that we are talking about an idea of offering a /"pre-built developer virtual machine, created with say SUSE factory and downloadable from the GIMP developers page"/ or similarly fashioned dev 'shortcut' and not GSoC. Did I get the context wrong?
No, you just got it right. My initial posting did not address developers only, but also other potential contributors, like testers, bug reporters, artists etc. IMO it's not their business to first learn Linux, to package, to set up an environment, meanwhile see gray hair growing on their heads and - weeks or months later - eventually start trying out Gimp. Judging from my own painful experiences when making my first steps with Linux I see very few chances, that they will be still in the biz then.
If not... With that context in mind, it seemed like a worthy idea to provide such a thing to the public.
I'm glad that somebody else sees these chances. As Alexandre stated here, Gimp developers currently have no capacities for packaging. Presently I'm also not able to do it, but if the idea is good, don't get it lost! Maybe I can return in a few months and see this idea has matured and put more energy into it.

Secondly, in Gimps download area I saw binaries only for the stable branch, if current at all. For version 2.7.5. there are only sources available. The aforementioned people need something do start and go. So I made the proposal (oh no, a proposal... ;-) ) to put a link to at the links page ( They have pre-built Gimp packages (without dev environment I suppose, but this would be enough). This seems do be doable and Gimps website maintainers are currently working on a site redesign. It could bring more supporting people into this project without much effort. Maybe you have capabilities to support the team there.

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