[Gimp-developer] GIMP bug with RGB565 images and raw loader


Suspected Bug:
I think I've found a bug when loading raw RGB565 data. If you load it on a big-endian machine, it produces garbled output. If you load it on a little-endian machine it works fine. If you swap the bytes in the file by hand, it appears to work fine. The bug is located in several places in <source-root>/plugins/common/file-raw.c.

Proposed Fix:
I think what we need is two modes - RGB565-LittleEndian(enum mode: RAW_RGB565LE), and RGB565-BigEndian(enum mode: RAW_RGB565BE). This would of course, require another menu entry and possibly a translated string.

What I would like to do about it:
If this sounds good to the group, I'll happily cook up the required patches, and test images.

Why it affects me:
As an embedded developer, sometimes we use screens that are the opposite endianness of the display. For newer ARM devices with rev16 support, this isn't much of an issue, but I still like to use GIMP to check our bitmap packer and sometimes our firmware images.

You guys are awesome:
Thank you for writing GIMP.

-Richard Allen

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