Re: [Gimp-developer] What is this new p-l-a-n-n-e-d thing? Another buzzword for managers? :)

>> I'm a bit confused about this answer. Was it meant sarcastic or is there no planning at all in GIMP development?
> Could it be both? :)
> Planning with the current amount of active developers would be rather pointless.

Hi Alexandre,

I understand this and your sarcasm and have a few thoughts to this point:

I'm software developer, too, and would support GIMP when I have more time. Reading various postings I'm convinced I'm not the only one with this approach. For outsiders the decision to contribute would be easier, if they knew the project is still alive and their contribution would improve something. I heard, some developers packed it all in, because they didn't see their patches become integrated. If one is under the impression, that a project is more an unsystematic tinkering and his contribution doesn't actuate or advance something, it will be pointless for him to get involved. I honestly don't want to ascribe this to GIMP developers, as they do a great job, but show my point of view and thoughts from the outside. If you'd publish the progress and the successes in GIMP development at the front page more often and outsiders see the project running in ordered circumstances, your problem with missing developers could be solved or at least alleviated.
In my other postings here I put some ideas up for discussion.
Also look how other successful open source projects keep up and use the forthcoming LGM to exchange experiences.

Good look and best regards,


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