Re: [Gimp-developer] How much money to make a dent in GIMP 2.8?


here are some thoughts from me to the topic and postings before:

1. Solve the real problems:
Full acknowledgement with Alexia and Alexandre to first solve the real problems that caused the delay. I like the proposal for the further Git branching and the proposal to iteratively check-in in small steps instead of big features. In my opinion you're on the right way. Before every new feature version a decision should be made, whether the feature will be part of the next GIMP's version at all, only with its working parts or in complete. If it's decided to include the feature in the new version, only the tested and working parts should be accessible from the UI. This will save GIMP from complaints about missing or buggy functionality and let developers force their development. Users and people involved here will be more pleased.

2. Yes to employed persons, further support possibilities:
IMHO it's good for the product GIMP to have at least one employed person. If we want a high end product, as I can read at, this would be simply necessary. This can be a programmer, project manager, product manager, coordinator etc. The people involved here for a long time might know best what is missing.
For the payment I see various possibilities:
- donations (which already exists). I think Sourceforge provides something suitable, too.
-	regular sponsoring by a company
-	a company employing this person/these persons
-	social payment through Pledgie, Flattr etc.
- a GIMP E-Book like 'Digikam Recipes' which proceeds are used to support GIMP production - producers of commercial GIMP products, like book authors and publishers. Why not invest and return something back after benefiting from a free product? - an own foundation, which can care for fundraising and organization. Look at the Eclipse project – they are very successful with this. Eclipse project releases a service pack every four months a new version and every year. This foundation could care for GIMP only or you unite with other free graphics projects for this. You could discuss this on the next LGM.

Perhaps the Free Software Foundation ( or the Software Freedom Conservancy ( can support us financially or as mentors, too?

3. Next steps
Why do we not just start here to list what is specifically necessary, what do we already have und what is still needed? Then everybody here can look out for concrete solutions. Here's my proposal, partially summarizing points from the former postings in this thread:

- motivated and good developers with the skills, level of knowledge of GIMP's source code, and the time to work on the project. Which else skills over C (and Python or Scheme) knowledge do they need?
-	somebody with the big picture of GIMP's architecture
-	a project manager with influence, but not bossing people around
-	somebody who can care for the 'paper stuff' for the employees
-	overview of easy to solve tasks
-	funding to pay all employees, but not only developers
-	an attractive project organisation, which entices contributors
-	… (add your thoughts here)

What we already have:
-	experienced developers, doing their job for free and in spare time
-	developers willing to contribute permanently
-	people (able and) willing to spend money
-	UI experts
-	former GSoC students and hopefully new students on the next GSoC
-	artists and their artwork
-	experienced users here and in various forums
-	a stable GIMP 2.6 and lots of useful plugins
- 	people reporting bugs
- 	users of the official GIMP and curious users for new features
-	ideas, ideas, ideas
-	… (add your findings here)

So, now it's on you to make more out of this list.


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